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Inland Flight Training Staff

Ken Mcgreevy - Inland FLight Training


Ken McGreevy - Owner, Administrator, Janitor. Ken is a retired Boeing 747-400 First Officer for United Airlines, and has been with United since 1987. He formerly owned and operated a full service FBO at Riverside Municipal Airport in the 1980s (Pacific Flight) where he had 23 airplanes, 3 helicopters, a full maintenance facility, air taxi operation, fuel sales, and a flight school (with 30 employees - pilots, instructors, mechanics, line service people, and office staff - doing all the work). Prior to that, he was a Flight Instructor at John Wayne airport, flew Charter in Cessna 421s, King Airs, Citations, and Learjets, worked for Beechcraft in Wichita as a demo-pilot in Baron and Duke Marketing, flew the mail in Aero Commanders, and did Air Ambulance work. He holds an ATP with Lear Jet, Boeing 747, and 777 type ratings, A CFI with Airplane Single and Multi-Engine Land and Instrument ratings (Gold Seal, expired), Advanced and Instrument Ground Instructor, and Flight Engineer - Turbojet certificates. He has over 25,000 hours. Ken has a Bachelor's Degree in Aeronautical Operations and Management from California State University at San Jose, class of 1975. Yes, he's old. Try not to mention it.



Jose Moreno - Inland Flight Training


Jose Moreno - Senior Flight Instructor. Jose is an Airbus 320 Captain at United Airlines, and a lifelong flight instructor. This is EXACTLY the kind of Flight Instructor you want. Hes experience and knowledge are unparalleled, as he has experience virtually every kind of flying you can imagine. The best part is that Jose is a Flight Instructor because it's his passion. He's truly gifted. The way we found Jose was by going to the local Pilot Examiner and asking him whose students do the best on their checkrides. We asked, "No matter what you ask them, they know the answer, and when you get them out in the airplane, no matter what you ask them to do, they can do it, do it well, and the outcome is never in question... Who is their instructor?" His answer? "Oh, that's Jose" Jose holds an ATP with Airbus 320 Type rating, A CFI with Airplane Single and Multi-Engine Land and Instrument ratings, and Advanced and Instrument Ground Instructor. He has over 22,000 hours. Jose's schedule only allows him the time to work with a few students at a time, but if you're lucky enough to be one of his students, and you're willing to do your share of the work, you'll be the best pilot you could hope for.






Asher Sherburne - Inland Flight Training


Asher Sherburne - Advanced Flight Instructor.   Asher is an accomplished, experienced Flight Instructor. Additionally, he brings to the table a unique perspective, because he is also an experienced Airframe and Powerplant mechanic. In addition to teaching, he regularly delivers or retrieves airplanes from all over the country. Having been an Instructor at Riverside Airport for quite some time, he is intimately familiar with all of the aircraft, operations, and services at the airport. Asher is a highly skilled instructor. The standards he demands of himself are well above the norm. His passion is making sure that all of his students are more knowledgeable than the run-of-the mill variety. He feels that if he imparts enough knowledge to his students, that in the future, perhaps years down the road, no matter what comes up or takes place, his students will be in a better position to deal with the cards they're dealt because of their depth of understanding. If you're the type of person who wants to know everything about everything, Asher is the Instructor to help you get there. Asher holds an ATP with Cessna Citation Sovereign Type rating. Asher is an instructor for: Airplane Single and Multi-Engine Land and Instrument airplane, he also holds  an Advanced  Ground Instructor rating. He has over 2,800 hours, and also has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Aeronautical Science from LeTourneau University.




Mary McGreevy - Flight Instructor   Mary is the SIC of Inland Flight. She handles all Airport Operations, Aircraft Movements, and coordinates all Inland Flight aircraft ops at the airport. She holds an ATP Pilot Certificate for Airplane Multi engine land as well as a Type Rating for the Canadair Regional Jet. She is also a Certified Flight Instructor. She works full time for Skywest Airlines, based in Palm Springs. Mary has a Bachelor's Degree in Aviation Magna Cum Laude from Utah Valley University.

Mary is widely known for her delightful personality and knowledge of aviation. She is also know for her enthusiasm for the San Francisco Giants.

She can be reached at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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