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Another Reason You Should Learn To Fly

If you have a high school Diploma and a Private Pilot’s License, we’ll hire you as an Airline Pilot.

That’s from an ad in the back of Flying Magazine in 1963. At the time is was true, and is a dramatic example of the supply/demand curve. That’s what happened when there was a pilot shortage.

There’s another, EVEN BIGGER one about to start.

In 1963, they were out of ex-military WWII and Korean war pilots, and the airlines were experiencing explosive growth. This time around, it’s all about retirements and WORLDWIDE growth. The industry is poised to hire hundreds of thousands of pilots over the next decade or two, and there simply aren’t any.


If flying jets all over the world, and spending a day or 2 in Paris, London, Hong Kong, Rome, or a thousand other exotic places sounds like fun, and you don’t mind working 12-15 days a month, and you can get by on a couple hundred thousand dollars a year, maybe it’s worth considering. You think?

Of course learning to fly isn’t cheap. Nothing worth doing is, right? If it was cheap, we’d be overrun with pilot candidates. But in point of fact, it isn’t THAT bad. To get started, it’s around $6000 or so (results vary). That gets you your private pilot’s license. After that, you get your Instrument Rating, Commercial License and Flight Instructor’s Certificate, and from then on, other people pay you for your flying. You may have spent more on your last car, and got nothing back out of it. Think it over.

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Give us a call. Ask the hard questions. We’re Airline Pilots ourselves, and we’ve been through it.

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